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Hey!Say!JUMP’s Ryutaro in a scandal TT_TT

It was last night when I had another major shock. A certain magazine had written an article of how the youngest member of HSJ is involved in a scandal of underage smoking. If you are reading this, this means you are not going read anything new. You probably got the whole story from aramatheydidn’t, tokyograph or tokyohive. Well, what I am basically gonna do is to give my own insights to it.

Ryutaro is still underage and he should have known better to be a role model and don;t give in to curiosity and temptations. He is an idol after all. But from his point of view, I can understand that he wants to try something he is curious about…Loads of other teenagers do that too, but as for Ryutaro, it is more harsh for him because, one, he is a Japanese idol, and two, Japanese idols, no matter how famous, they will get punished as an individual or as a collective IF they did something that harms their image that their agency had set for them.

Honestly, I don;t think collective punishment should occur. I am using the word “should”, that means it “may” occur since you have seen NewS being suspended as a collective due to Uchi and Kusano, and came back years later as 6 member NEWS. Hard to admit but, my fav group hardly get singles. They only seek to promote God Yamapi while Tegomassu are like the little angels who gets a single once (or twice) per year.

Since I am no big fan of HSJ, I only like Yamada and Chinen, I kinda feel sorry for them if their group gets suspended just because of one member. It will be kinda unfair to other boys too, since it was only Ryutaro who was in the scandal..  Hopefully, Ryutaro doesn’t get too stressed and start smoking again.



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