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I keep on waiting and waiting,and NEWS still doesn’t get an album/single.

It has been quite a while since I wrote about my favourite J-Pop boyband. Yes. It’s still NEWS!
But lately, there aren’t any singles and albums at all. There were only individual members’ appearance, for instance, the super recent Tegomasu in the matsuri event plus a new song that they will be singing in the upcoming concerts, or the Yamashita Tomohisa World Tour…but come on, Johnny-sama, why aren’t there any singles or albums for NEWS as a group???? Are the rumours becoming a reality? about Yamapi going solo and NEWS will disband just like that????

I understand that Johnny-sama is focusing on other new groups like Kis my ft2 and the younger idols like Hey!Say!JUMP or popular groups like ARASHI….And trying to win back the glory of KT-TUN. (yes, I omitted the A, cause I want to) and hardly have any time for NEWS. NEWS get no TV shows too. Unlike other groups. Well, I don’t wanna complain much since I still get Tegoshi’s appearance on TV, dramas and Tegomasu’s singles every few months, but it is Kei-chan that i am a little worried about. Well, at least he has his own radio program.

So yes. I keep on waiting and waiting. Are you waiting for Johnny-sama to just give NEWS fangirls some hope tht NEWS isn’t gonna disband and will continue to shine above where we all fangirls can appreciate?

For the time being, I’ll just watch the old clips of NEWS to keep my love for them alive.


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