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10.1 reasons why I <3 AKB48…….(more than any existing girl band in the world)

Perfume. Morning Musume.C-ute.KARA.Girls’ Generation. 2NE1. AKB48.
All of the girlbands I have mentioned are popular, if not, extremely popular in Japan.
I used to never even care about the existence of those bands until a few months ago.
And today, it’s time for me to make another controversial post that makes you fans mad, angry and prepare to throw stones at me.

First of all, I am making myself clear. I cannot possibly LOVE the other girls the way you love, because I love the AKB48 girls the way you love your girls. Understood? So no more k-pop vs J-pop fans fighting because I PREFER AKB48 over any other bands even though I like Girls’ Gen 2NE1 and KARA too.わかた?

1) AKB48’s MVs are not only colourful, but it shows that they are having loads of fun while shooting the MV, for instance, changing in the locker room, washing the cars, kissing one another…..and there is a mini drama in some of the MVs.

It’s gonna be too messy to post too much videos up, BUT here’s my favs.


How can you not like this????)

2) Accept the reality. They look flawless in their bikini. Korean girlbands will hardly ever wear those bikinis…..so if they do, they will be flawless too.

3) They also have flawless bikinis with perfect matching shoes. I just love them, you know. They play off that erokawaii image. (erotic and cute). That’s why they are so loved by normal people, eccentric people and perverted ojisan.

4) Even though they have girly voices and their voices aren’t the best…….(yes it’s kinda true….Perfume has better voices) , the songs are darn catchy. I can’t stop singing the “Heavy Rotation” in my head.

5) Go to Japan and you will see them everywhere……. Just like how you will see JE boys everywhere.

6) They have an official YT account and that is where I watch their MVS and other vids.

7) They have extremely interesting ways of organizing events like No. 1 girl, who’s gonna win the Jan Ken Pon, etc….OH, They are part of ANIMAX too. And one fav girl of mine is a big fan of Kuroshitsuji. Any Kuroshitsuji fan is loved by me. (OMG,かわいい過ぎる! (TOO CUTE)! Don’t mind turning a lesbian for her.)
8  ) Scandalous girls get to “graduate” This makes them all so pure and 完璧。

9) I get to see 48 girls. They are the biggest girlband in history.

10) Their singles/albums basically PWN all other singles. some JE boys included. Yes. Sorry but, in the Oricon Charts, AKB48 totally slayed your fav girlband in terms of best selling singles/ albums. Totally slayed my ARASHI boys too. I still can accept that fact so you can too.

10.1) Some of them are fans of SNSD. So, that makes them even more……..perfect. Because I like SNSD too. But I just love AKB48 girls more than any other girlband.

Finally, I am done with my reasons why I love AKB48. I won’t do a “why I like SNSD” though, cause I am not like a fan of them, but I like them. I like their TAXI song, and the GEE and Run Devil Run dance movie and their outfits, but I am not a fan, so I am not gonna write. I am a fan of AKB48 girls!


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2 thoughts on “10.1 reasons why I <3 AKB48…….(more than any existing girl band in the world)

  1. Nobody fucks with shonen knife

    Posted by sethquando | January 6, 2012, 3:41 pm
  2. shonen knife is the ultamate japanese girl band

    Posted by seth robinson | January 18, 2012, 11:11 am

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