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BACK to blogging after those months……

You may wonder where on earth I have been during all those days of not updating my blog. Well, I still want to write posts for my blog, but the only thing that prevents me is the lack of time I have. So what I’ll do is to briefly tell you (I don;t know who you are not you anyway) about how life treats me like a piece of …..of …. paper.

1) I found that I have tumors growing all over my body. These tumors are called neurofibromatosis or NF1. Supposed to be non-cancerous but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it hurt so much that I can;t even sleep sideways, sit, or use my hands. Those tumors are located in the nerves, so yes, IT f***ing HURTS.

2) Had one tumor removed. as big as my thumb, and the surgery hurts like hell. I totally hate it. The surgery was done on my lower arm, which means I wont be able to do much with my arms and hands, that includes drawing. I haven’t been drawing or writing with a pencil/pen/whtever, and that totally sucks

3) I had tumors in my head too. I don’t think it’s the brain tumor, but just head tumor? I don’t know. But finally, I am like a Korean female protagonist, having these weird things in me that (hasn’t) threaten my life yet but the difference is, i am the forever alone girl so no Korean/Japanese/Asian prince will be there to weep for me. But that’s fine. Kazuma, my Nintendo DS boyfriend from Tokimeki is still with me. (I am just kidding. I am not that hopeless, but close…..okay?)

4) I had loads of essays to write. No. I am not studying, just a homework helper and I get loads of cash already for these two months.

5) I MADE a DISCOVERY that for my 25 years of living, I encountered with a psychopath who brings misfortune to my life. I mean, a real psychopath. If he’s not one, then he can be some “born to be evil guy” so maybe I’ll change this to “Monster kid”.

6) No, i wasn’t affected by the flood, but i evacuated to Pattaya anyway.

7) I’ll stop this now. I am getting tired of writing.

8) I still love Tegoshi Yuya

9) I am going to L’arc en Ciel concert on March 7th

10) I am going to write about the monster kid.

That’s it for the fast, boring update.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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