Basic Information

Name: angelofdevotion
Birthdate: Nov 28, 19XX
Birthplace: Bangkok,Thailand
Currently in: Thailand!!!! (though I wish I am in some other place)
Religion: I make my own Gods and religion. Tegoshism is my main religion.
Philosophy: Existentialism, and other good teachings.

Mini Autobio….

(I removed the information that was once in this section…Reason? I just felt like I wanted to.)


-I am a die-hard Yaoi/BL fan. (Don’t ask)
-I support gay and lesbian rights. And I think I am a pansexual.
-I am an existentialist and I have deep philosophical thoughts
-People think of me as a cat. And I love them for thinking that I am a cat.
-I am actually a published writer…but not yet a published novelist.
-I do have a pen name. It reads my chinese name in Japanese.
-I love kids. Started when I became a T.A…
-I Have met Jay Chou, have his autograph and shook his hands. His hands were soft.
-I am a romanticist when the mood strikes. (dere-dere)
-I am an individual. I don’t have a large group of friends, I stick to the ones I love.
-The only largest group I was in, was my wushu group. Consist of 90% boys, 5% girls. and 5% unidentified.

Tegoshi Yuya is my God.



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