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The throne of Japanese music industry…Will always be Johnny-sama

I wrote this post after reading 2345621355325 posts about DBSK in Japan, and how they DID NOT appear in Music Station because JE is in power. Yes. JE is in power. Johnny-sama is still on his throne, his boys will be promoted more than anyone else in Japan, his boys will sell more then any … Continue reading

Anniversary to JAL 2007!

WOW! It has been one year since I have been to Japan under the JAL scholarship! TIME FLIES! I wish i was back at those days when I can really really express myself as NYAKO-CHAN …… Oh Happy Birthday Masuda Takahisa and Akanishi Jin! Hope you have an awesome year!!! Well..I really miss those moments … Continue reading

40 reasons to love NEWS (more than DBSK)

Since I have to admit that my passion of DBSK HAS FADED…. I am not their fan…..I just listen to their music. I like them….but not as crazy as before. Why? Some reasons involving some fangirls made me so annoyed that i dont want to be involve. BUT… this is entirely my own inventions…so don;t … Continue reading

The Senpai and Kohai of Johnny’s Entertainment.

Johnny’s Entertainment had been the pretty boy factory for more than forty years….. And this is before I was even born….JE have been part of the Japanese popular culture. SMAP debuted in 1991, when i was only four years old! So I never knew much about Japan in the 90s but while researching on popular … Continue reading

If you are a tarento under Johnny’s…..

If you are a tarento under Johnny’s YOU sure have talent. YOU can do back flips….those gymnastic stuff YOU would dance gracefully and in any way… YOU can impersonate your senpais and kohais.. YOU have to be multi-talent. For those who thinks those idols are NOT talented…. Could you win against them? Alright, I was … Continue reading

Bizarre Japan: Akihabara Murder Spree

During these three days, I switched on the Keyhole TV which streams Japanese TV online. Not that I understand everything they say, but I could get like 10 percent of what they are saying but 90 percent comes entirely from the scenes they show. No matter what time I switched them on, they were broadcasting … Continue reading