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Mini update.

The awkward moment when an otome game character has made my heart race faster than a real life man can. Wait. I mean like…. i have yet met someone real who could make my heart race. I am not talking about idols though. I am now a 100 percent an otome otaku, aren.t I? But … Continue reading

A new beginning?

If you have been following my blog ever since the beginning, you would have noticed that i have been on hiatus for an extremely long time. Sometimes, you get really tired of everything and then you wanted to put a break to things you like. I have to confess i want to write but being … Continue reading


Dear Readers,  Happy New year!  However, I do not plan on coming back to blog officially yet, though I would blog more often than before.  Anyway, my new year resolution would include….. covering more songs this year. If you have time to waste on listening to me, here’s a link to my soundcloud.  By the … Continue reading

angelofdevotion’s first post of 2012.

I have got my own reasons for not blogging any longer. In fact, I would love to do so, but as I grew up, the more I despised things around me. I am no longer the angelofdevotion filled with hopes and dreams, happiness, or that optimistic and cheerful girl. Because I am no longer that person anymore, I do … Continue reading

BACK to blogging after those months……

You may wonder where on earth I have been during all those days of not updating my blog. Well, I still want to write posts for my blog, but the only thing that prevents me is the lack of time I have. So what I’ll do is to briefly tell you (I don;t know who … Continue reading

“9 Hobbies Which Will Turn Any Man Off A Girl”

There was a poll asking men (in 2ch) what hobbies a girl has that will turn off a man. Sankaku Complex was the one who brought that up, but I prefer to say I got the info from aramatheydidnt. A list of 9 hobbies which will purportedly cause any right thinking male to spurn any … Continue reading

I was once a girl filled with dreams….

then reality knocks on my door, pulled me into the world where I despised, hated to be in and I can’t seem to get back where I used to belong. I used to have aspiration, motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, and hope. And what I am left with today is hopelessness. I can’t think of what I … Continue reading

10.1 reasons why I <3 AKB48…….(more than any existing girl band in the world)

Perfume. Morning Musume.C-ute.KARA.Girls’ Generation. 2NE1. AKB48. All of the girlbands I have mentioned are popular, if not, extremely popular in Japan. I used to never even care about the existence of those bands until a few months ago. And today, it’s time for me to make another controversial post that makes you fans mad, angry … Continue reading

I keep on waiting and waiting,and NEWS still doesn’t get an album/single.

It has been quite a while since I wrote about my favourite J-Pop boyband. Yes. It’s still NEWS! But lately, there aren’t any singles and albums at all. There were only individual members’ appearance, for instance, the super recent Tegomasu in the matsuri event plus a new song that they will be singing in the … Continue reading

Last Sunday, I went to watch Note Udom’s standup comedy. It was indeed hilarious and sarcastic. I just love sarcasm. Well, the tickets were sold out in 10 hours, and I didn’t have the chance to get those tickets. So what I did was sulk and wait for the DVD. Like heaven’s gift, Praew contacted … Continue reading