JAL Scholarship Programme 2007

Even though it had been nearly a year since all of these great experiences had occurred, I could not stop reminiscing every night about how much fun I have, How many precious friends I have created, how many paths I have travelled, how many people who are cast as main characters as a chapter of my life.

How did I get the JAL Scholarship 2007?

p1060526_resizeFirst of all, I had to write an essay on “Challenges to the Future”, and I basically boast my ideas of what had to be done on global warming..and the terrible environmental problems that had happened that are cause by humans. It was hard to write. But I was pretty happy, I got into the interview part.

The interview was basically about my essay. Before I got in the room, i saw this Tackey Tsubasa Picture on a lady’s desk. What I did was… “Tackey-san, Tsubasa-san, yoroshiku onegaishimasu! tasukete!”
Once I am seated in the room, everything went… white. But I was fine. My heart went “DOKI DOKI” for abeat (What is the sound effect of DOKI DOKI in English? Thud Thud? Sounds like books falling off the shelves because of an earthquake.)

A good technique is to talk non-stop!
Just be a smart ass and try to deduct all those problems that had to be solved, stick to the things that you already know, don’t go off topic, for if they asked you about something you don;t know, you probably get a minus point. Try to always do eye contact. Especially with the ones that you think will ask you the most. The reason is because it is more like you are talking to him personally, and you are being confident of your own ideas!

3 days later. I was accepted. Thanks, God, if there is one.

Of course, we need to make a serious reputation when we are “ambassadors” of our own country!


What we three did was to learn THAI DANCE at my house! Yep! It went pretty well, have the costume purchased, and all was fine for us!

Just let me skip to this part. The departure to Japan! We actually had the banner made! And there was news exposures as well..We made our way to the plane…..skipping, feeling too excited for any other words. To be honest, In my mind i kept on thinking, Tegoshi, Tegoshi Tegoshi.

The long 6 hours flight was nice….
I played games on the plane, while chat happily with my other pals, Kan and Ning, and talked about JE boys. You know, it is wonderful when someone you know actually shares the same interest as you!

WE finally arrivedp1060594_resize to the Narita Airport! I was so excited and shaky because can you imagine standing on the same ground as the boy you fancy? I mean, BOYS, you fancy? We took a mini shot of the picture of Narita when collecting out things. One bad thing is…. our magic of make up was worn out! But yeah, assuming that we are and do not look so tired.

Much later we meet up with other scholars, the first scholars I met was NZ scholars, but we didn;t talk immediately, but we did later. Other scholars arrived, I believe Singaporeans were the scholars I was so happy to meet. WHY WOULDN’T? I have lived in Singapore for 8 years while growing up, you know I get excited when i meet a Singaporean anywhere in the world other than Singapore. Just like you would be happy to meet your own people anywhere else other than your own country. I also talked to HK scholars like we knew each other before. Thanks to facebook, there is where i met the HK scholars!

We got to the bus. We stopped over at some hotel which i failed to recall the name, to pick up three Malaysian scholars! We then took off to Tokyo! We did loads of introducing ourselves and notice that the very first time in life, I am so comfortable with myself. I always had to play the role of a super cool girl who is silent, reserved and introvert when I am with a group of friends who I can;t get along, but over here, I could just be the person who I wanted to be! That is the great thing about this programme. Find the true person you are!

We got to the Yoyogi Olympic Hostel, had our rooms and mates sorted….had a nice dinner, and off we went to sleep. WAIT A MINUTE. I just totally skipped the excitement. PUBLIC BATHROOM! Well, you know those evil voyeurs who inserted camera is women’s bathhouses, I was scared of thop1060626_resizese….. after an hour, i decided that I don;t care anymore! What is to be ashamed of? It is not like I have evaded billion amount of taxes and exile to a country that suddenly kicked me out!!! It;s not even like I did anything scandalous! It is a public bathroom that….I can learn more about the culture of Japanese…..bathroom.

My room mates were Eva from China, Jess from Malaysia… and the invisble girl who sleeps next to me. The very first night, we were all chatting about random stuff and here we ended up at Japanese and Korean pop media! Eva from China and Eva (me) from Thailand are big addicts of Japanese pop culture, especially loving the JE BOYS, while Jess and Kan who I dragged in my room, so we may know each other through interests! The talk lasted for a long time, i remembered…..

I cannot remembered what happen clearly, just loads of lectures, (that i won;t talk about) and we enjoy ourselves very much, especially at night. We had a fieldtrip to Niigata, blah blah… then to host families…
(I will update once I feel like to)



4 thoughts on “JAL Scholarship Programme 2007

  1. JAL programme 2007 – one of the best@

    Posted by woansecret | October 8, 2008, 2:30 am
  2. Yep. It is definitely the greatest!

    Posted by angelofdevotion | October 8, 2008, 2:50 am
  3. would you like to show pictures of your trip?

    Posted by Muammar | February 7, 2009, 3:02 am
  4. Ah, I love your “translation” of DOKI DOKI to English. English, sadly, is a language not intended for cuteness!

    Posted by wagahaiwaneko | August 11, 2010, 2:52 am

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