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On Different Roads

I am back for another post! I will be really busy for the next two following weeks, so I might not be able to update as much as I did. But then, nothing really makes a difference whether I write or not. Not many people are reading it, nor people are interested in what i write… and my voice never reaches to the people, person, human, individual, and they, he or she would never hear me out. That is pretty sad, because writing does not only works in one direction…..I need some response, just like playing tennis, the ball moves between the players from two sides of the court. What I lack is someone who is willing to play this game with me.

Anyway, I have accounted on “forking paths” “different roads” destiny and stuff about how choices that we made, gave us a different outcome. But as for this poem, I would write, I would daresay, My course of love never run smooth. I did not mean romantic love cause i was never in one, and my love is more like a celebrity crush….or maybe..

Just that it happens to me a countless of times. I almost get to meet Tegoshi, but then I flew off to Sydney, I almost attend Jay Chou’s concert, but I am in Thailand, and I almost met Zac Efron, but I was only 3 kms away from him in Sydney. There are a countless times which love just won;t cross my path. Sad right? Well, this is life. I might have hurt people in my past lives, so in this one, I got to pay the debts. (I never believed in past lives, I was just blaming myself so I won;t blame anyone else)

whatsoever, here I go……(There is no Spring Collection of poems like i used to promised)

On Different Roads

I choose a different road, I made a different choice,
I could not tell what the future holds for me,
But all i wish is that you would hear my voice,
Then just for once, deep in my soul you may see….

What do I need to commit to make paths meet?
What deeds I do need to make, for you to walk this way…
For now that I am walking on this one-way street,
With a hope for one day, beside me, you gonna stay

Countless, I have wondered where you are
Under my sky, I could not feel your presence
For your world is unreachable, as far as the star,
Many have staged the show, when I still remain as an audience.

Ambitious, I may be, filled with dreams to achieve
Independent, I perhaps am, walking all alone on this path
But incomplete, deep inside, please still let me believe…
That somehow, you still stay, somewhere…..underneath…


My poems are rather ambiguous because I like it to appear that way. No matter how you analyze it, the naked truth is what is deep in within. And of course, unless you have the key to unlock what is inside me, then you know the truth. And that truth cannot be written in words.


About angelofdevotion

Born in Thailand, raised in Singapore, came back to Thailand during my teens and lived there since. English is more of my native language, and I teach it for a living!


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